DEER, the Mexican duo has just arrived. They will release this new collaboration a remixes album with some of the best artist from Europe and Asia.

Groove Magazine
We had an interview with our friend from Grove Magazine (Korea) Emma Kalka. (p. 39-41)

Zandari 2017 
Deer are from Mexico originally but now call Hong Kong home. The duo’s music is a mix of trip hop, industrial sounds and deep bass. They played at Zandari Festa for the first time in 2016 and this past summer performed in Russia at the V-Rox festival.
Ann Perez

Deer Mx is a band that one really has to see in order to believe, feel and hear. Made up of the duo which is Adriana Martinez and Miguel Bastida, the group, originally from Mexico now based in Hong Kong, have produced and honed their craft on their own terms.

Groove Magazine
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