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Rolling Stone Mexico
En exclusiva para Rolling Stone, Deer compartió el video de "Wild Eyes", su más reciente sencillo.

Adriana Falcón y Miguel Bastida viajaron a Hong Kong en busca de un panorama más amplio de la etnomusicología y la composición. Fue ahí donde estos dos músicos se encontraron y unieron sus lazos para explorar la música folclórica. Así fundaron Deer, un dúo ecléctico que mezcla el trip rock con sonidos industriales y bajos profundos con poderosas voces, aunadas a la nostalgia de letras que hablan de la inmigración y los miedos de la niñez.

Boom Magazine
〈Wild Eyes〉由樂隊Deer發行,一隊生活在香港的電子音樂樂隊。這首歌是專輯《Portraits》中眾多假想曲目的其中一首,述說了作為香港居民的樂隊體驗 (Inglés)

Side-Line Music Magazine
I like Adriana Falcón’s timbre of voice, which sometimes reminds me a bit to the magic of Siouxsie Sioux. She brings something passionate to the production.

Rue X Magazine
Una explosión de guitarras distorsionadas que llegan a Rue X Magazine desde Hong Kong. Esta semana en #NewReleases presentamos a Deer.

Young Post
Opener Wild Eyes addresses immigration as singer Adriana Martinez theatrically delivers, “Sit down, wake up, shut up, turn around”. Instrumentally, it’s full of resonating synths, Nine Inch Nails industrial kits, and a low, dirgy guitar riff, as if Crystal Castles had joined forces with Royal Blood – it’s a bold start.

The Underground Hong Kong
Wild Eyes This is just great. Kicking off with Killer-esque guitars, it lulls listeners into a false sense of security, before launching into a massive and compelling chorus that insists you get on your feet and throw yourself around with wild abandon (which was a bit embarrassing as I was on the MTR at the time). Its huge and hypnotic outro will change your life (not necessarily for the better, but your choice – you could have gone to church instead, right?).

Rolling Stone México
"Una fuerte promesa de la electrónica mexicana desarrollada en tierras lejanas"  A. C. A

Cuatro temas bastan para dejar una muy buena sensación en el oyente, en donde sin duda nos mantienen a la expectativa de futuros trabajos.

Groove Magazine
We had an interview with our friend from Grove Magazine (Korea) Emma Kalka. (p. 39-41)

Todo Indie Rock

Deer Mx, el dúo que está conquistando Hong Kong lanza su primer EP

Ung Tro
Deer går även under namnet Deer under Dollars & Cents. Bandet är en mexikansk duo som är baserad i Hong Kong och består av Adriana Falcón (sång/gitarr) och Miguel Bastida (Synth/gitarr). Nu släpper duon sin nya EP “Portraits”.

Music Map
Un duo messicano residente a Hong Kong che fa trip rock. Le premesse geografiche ci sono tutte per compiere viaggi musicali, e così è per i Deer, che nel loro Ep "Portraits" ci propongono 4 canzoni dense di suggestioni timbriche crepuscolari. Prima di pensare ai Massive Attack, il riferimento noto che viene alla mente è quello dei primi Portishead, però la voce femminile qui è molto meno sofferta, anzi in certi momenti appare sicura di sé e più "nera".

Sonar Música
Deer es una banda mexicana establecida en Hong Kong !!

Blues Bunny
Sometimes it is difficult to come up with a succinct, yet wry, description of band’s sound and, indeed, such was the problem with Deer and their EP “Portraits” for, as a band, they don’t quite fit into any of the currently trendy musical genres.

Así queda claro en su flamante Portraits, un EP en el que el dúo mexicano residente en Hong Kong desarrolla un sonido absolutamente singular, con tanto de introspección como de experiencia combativa.

New Noise
Deer’s music video for “Wild Eyes” was directed by Jorge Moya, aka “The Hong Kong Fixer,” who was also in charge of the previous single “In The Shadows.” The “Wild Eyes” video stars Andrew Ng, a respectful actor from the region who has been working in movie industry in big projects, such as Ghost in the Shell.

Da Music
Vandaag komt hun ep ‘Portraits’ uit en daaruit werd Wild Eyes als singel gelicht. De song kreeg een clip van Jorge ‘The Hong Kong Fixer’ Moya.

F Yeah Chinese Indie
HK duo Deer Mx. *returned to Yuchain Wang 王昱辰 / RooftopAudio to record their new release, Portraits. Wow, this is a huge sound!  =D

Deer, a mexican duo formed by Adriana Falcón (voice, guitar) and Miguel Bastida (keyboards, synths and guitar) and currently based in Hong Kong, are releasing a new EP today called Portraits and are also presenting it through a new music video for the single "Wild Eyes".

In quell’occasione svelarono il primo singolo “Wild Eyes” e questa fu l’impressione dopo qualche ascolto “dentro combattono in modo armonico elementi industrial, un animo trip-hop (che il duo preferisce chiamare trip-rock dato l’uso abbondante di chitarra), ed il cantato di Adriana che inizia docile por poi crescere di intensità fino al ritornello”

Они познакомились в Мехико, где оба изучали музыку. Он, Мигель Бастида, постигал тайны классической композиции и игры на гитаре, она, Адриана Фалькон, штудировала музыкологию. Оба музицировали и сами. Адриана больше работала в области фольклорной мексиканской музыки, Мигель чаще играл камерную музыку. Но оба любили альтернативный рок, и после совместного посещения концерта одной исландской группы решили поработать вместе. Сегодня Адриана и Мигель, партнеры по жизни и по музыке, составляют дуэт Deer, небольшой EP которого Portraits мы сегодня представляем.

Jazz News
Deer (MX) are releasing a new Ep titled Portraits.
The Ep will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Soundcloud and Bandcamp on March 9, 2018.
Nestor Minsk

Terra Relicta
A lyric video for the track "Wild Eyes" has been now unleashed and you can check it out in the player below and take a note that Deer have been invited by Estonian band I Wear* Experiment to play The Asia Invasion in Tallin - Kohvik Sinilind (Estonia) on 15th December. For fans of Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, Massive Attack, Portishead...

Jazz News
Deer is a Mexican duo based in Hong Kong; conformed by two musicians Adriana Falcón (Singer, Guitar) and Miguel Bastida (Key, Synths and Guitar). Mixing trip rock, industrial sounds and deep basses plus Adriana's powerful voice and the nostalgia in their lyrics.
Nestor Minsk

Avec Portraits, EP fort de quatre titres...forts, il en propose une déclinaison fiable et attractive. Wild eyes, à la fois brut et finaud, porté autant par la voix d'Adriana Falcon que par les décors de son acolyte Miguel Bastida, inaugure brillamment l'EP. L'univers de Deer est autant trippant que puissant.

Portraits the debut Ep from Mexico-to-Hong Kong transplants  (p. 76, 186)

Deer (MX)
 è l’amalgama sonora di due musicisti messicani, Adriana Martinez e Miguel Bastida, che però vivono dall’altra parte del pianeta, Hong Kong, e a Marzo del prossimo anno pubblicheranno il nuovo Ep intitolato Portraits.

the monitors
Mexican duo Deer are currently based in Hong Kong, so it makes sense that their new video for ‘In The Shadows’ is also set there. Moody blue filters and a variety of disorientating effects help create a distorted, engrossing vision of the region as the video’s somewhat menacing protagonist stalks its streets, subways and markets, before the band provide him with a new direction (and a snazzy mask).
Kier Wiater Carnihan

The Book of Lies 
In The Shadows is a great example of what Deer do, as deep, moody beats underpin the vocals from Adriana Martinez Falcon. Meanwhile, the video, directed by Jorge ‘The Hong Kong Fixer’ Moya similarly juxtaposes stillness with the chaos and hubbub of one of the world’s busiest and most crowded cities, a city of opposites and, 20 years on since rejoining China, ongoing turmoil as to it’s place in the world.

The Underground
Deer’s latest single ‘I Want It All’ begins with a low tremolo synth fading in, panning from side to side, whilst a distant electronic dubstep drum pattern resonates in. It all explodes with a punchy kick, slapping snare, and intricate high-end programming prominent in Bjork’s ‘Homogenic’ era.
Chris Gillett 

Mehhiko juurtega Hong Kongi kollektiiv Deer Mx.

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Deer MX on Hong Kongis tegutsev duo, mis koosneb Mehhiko juurtega Adriana Falconist ja Miguel Bastidast. Duo toob talvisesse Tallinnasse Lõuna-Ameerika
vibe'iga triphoppi ja sügavaid bassilaineid.