Portraits Remixed

El enano rabioso
Del D.F. a Hong Kong. De una gran urbe a otra. Ese es el viaje que los mexicanos Deer hicieron y cuya inspiración se tradujo en Portraits, un EP de cuatro temas que vio la luz a comienzos de este año. Ahora os podemos traer en exclusiva un adelanto de lo que será su nuevo EP Portraits Remixed, y que será una revisión de su anterior obra.

Imperfect Fifth 
Mexican / Hong Kong based duo Deer is following up the success of their new EP Portraits by releasing a new Madzine remix of their song “Wild Eyes Self Oscillator”. This track is just a taste of what’s to come off of their upcoming remix release Portraits Remixed.The new remixed album is taken from the original EP Portraits but is spun around to give it a new electronic feel, while still containing many original aspects. The new ‘Wild Eyes’ remix gives the original song a fun, upbeat, and energetic dance style that makes you want to get up and start moving. For this being the first song off of the remixed album, Deer definitely leaves you wanting more, and waiting eagerly for their new album which is soon to be released on October 12th. While waiting for their new album to be released, make sure you listen to their first EP Portraits and their new remix of ‘Wild Eyes’ so you are fully prepared for the sensational album soon to come.

Musik Blog
Deer verbinden ihren rhythmischen, dissonanten Elektrosound gekonnt mit dem Gesang von Adriana. Sie sehen sich dabei, durchaus gerechtfertigt, in der Tradition von Nine Inch Nails oder Portishead.

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